November 29, 2015


What is new about the Rancilio Silvia E

Rancilio have been busy making more improvements to the very popular Miss Silvia V4. The changes have made a new model called the Silvia E. The first improvement was to insulate the boiler, this helps reduce power consumption and makes the new SIlvia E more of a green machine. Rancilio has also conformed with the European EuP directive. The coffee machine now shuts off automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity. Meaning the Silvia consumes less than 0.5 Wh (watt-hour) in standby mode. Rancilio's recent upgrades furthur enforces how dedicated they are to their customers.


September 12, 2015


What maintenance should I be carrying out on my Rancilio Silvia?

It is very easy to keep your beautiful Silvia in tip top shape. If you don't follow these simple steps you will soon suffer the consequences, you will no longer be getting that lovely crema on your espresso, your steam pressure from your wand will become weak, your whole machine could clog up with lime-scale. We recommend the following 4 steps.

1. De-scale your Silvia regularly.

The frequency that determines how often you should do this is down to the level of lime-scale in your water. If your water has a high level we would recommend de-scaling every month, if you have a small amount of lime-scale you will probably get away with doing it every 2 months. How do I de-scale my machine? Buy some Puly cleaner descaler

Follow the instructions on the packet, its very straight forward.

2. Back-flush your Silvia regularly.

You should back-flush your Silvia every 1 - 2 weeks depending on how often you use your machine. Back-flushing cleans the three way solenoid valve and in behind the group head screen.

For back-flushing you will need a blank filter which comes supplied with your Silvia and some Puly cleaning powder from Home Coffee Machines Ltd.


3. Keep the brew/group head gasket clean

Grinds build up on your group gasket every time you make an extraction with your Silvia. These grinds get embedded into the gasket and over time can damage it. They also reduce the effectiveness of the gasket. You will notice this if you get leaking from around the portafilter when extracting. Its easy to clean your group gasket, just use one of these cleaning brushes especially formulated with stiff bristles.

4. Replace your brew/group screen and gasket when required

We recommend that you replace your group gasket and screen once a year, the gasket becomes perished with the heat and grinds and the screen becomes clogged and damaged from use. We have a little video on the group gasket and screen page to show you how to replace these components.

June 25, 2015


What is the best tamper size for your Rancilio coffee machine?


58mm is the best size, you can buy it here from Home Coffee Machines Ltd in Ireland. They deliver free to Ireland and will deliver to Europe but there is a small charge.


It has a beautiful wooden handle and is weighted perfectly.  A quality piece of equipement, but you would expect nothing else from Rancilio!

Some users have reported a 58mm tamper being too big, this issue will occur if you are not putting enough coffee grinds in your double portafiler and the tamper protrudes too far into the portafilter when tamping and makes contact with the sides of the portafilter.

March 24, 2015


The Old Gaggia Classic II

We have had plenty of customers specifically looking for the RI8161/40 model as the new Gaggia Classic has no solenoid valve. The new Gaggia Classic model number is RI9403/11, All the reviews on Amazon only give it one or two stars. All that looks the same is the outside of the machine, everything inside has been changed to non desirable cheap parts.

Take a look for yourself



It looks like the true classic has gone. This is what happens when a big company takes over manufacturing of a classic product. Philips used to make quality products!

Home Coffee Machines Ltd have a few left but I suspect they won't last long! price is pretty good too.

Good Bye Gaggia Classic, a lot of coffee lovers have loved you. We will all miss you.


December 29, 2014


Quick Mill distributor

We are pleased to announce that Home Coffee Machines Ltd is now Ireland's Quick Mill distributor. Quick Mill have been manufacturing quality machines since 1945.  Some of their machines that we supply are the Silvano,  La Certa, Andreja Premium, the Vetrano and many more, we also have a range of their grinders. Have a look in our store at the great range at really competitive prices.

Click here to see the Quick Mill range in our store

December 27, 2014


What is the best value twin boiler machine?

Answer, Fracino Piccino

December 14, 2014


Why buy the Rancilio Silvia when you can buy the Gaggia Classic

Just look at the price difference!!!



Well what is the difference other than the price!! They both produce excellent espresso. Both are single boiler machines. Both have a three way solenoid valves, a feature not found on cheaper machines. it releases pressure from the brew water at the end of the extraction drying out the coffee puck making it easier to knockout, more reliable and user friendly. Both are similar in size and in stainless steel, Both have a 58mm commercial size Porto-filters made of chrome-plated brass and large heavyweight group-heads for increased thermal stability. The machines also have identical water capacity, the Classic does allow you to see the water level not available in the Silvia. Boilers; the SIlvia's is 12 ounces, brass, internally heated and 952watts whereas the Classic is 3.5 ounces, aluminum, external heat and 1370watts. The Silvia's boiler is way bigger but comes in direct contact with the water so you need to descale regularly. The Classic is much smaller but has lots more power. So its down to build quality!! which will last the longest?

November 18, 2014

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How to Buy yourself a free grinder

As we sit here in our office selling home coffee machines, we sometimes wonder if we are we giving our customers the correct advice? A new customer has just arrived at the decision to make their own perfect shot at home, tired of the hit and miss of cafes. (Has the barista had enough caffeine to be able to perform? Has the fresh grind been sitting in the doser all night?) These newbies have done their research over a few nights drinking a bad brew and have an idea of how much they want to spend - let's say around €300. They're not sure if this home coffee machine idea is really the way to go - what if they splash out on one of the more pricey machines and hardly ever use it? So they might go for the Gaggia Classic, an excellent machine for the investment involved:  http://www.homecoffeemachines.ie/products/gaggia-classic-espresso-ri8161-40.

But this customer will eventually be calling us again... They became a dedicated convert to the home coffee machine (we could have told them that would happen!) and after a few years that well loved and very well used Gaggia Classic or similar will finally need some attention. It may need a boiler replacement or the pressurized portafilter has started to fall apart. Now it makes sense to invest in a machine that will not only do a great shot and look good in the kitchen but will also last for many years into the future - so they order the fantastic Rancilio Silva:  http://www.homecoffeemachines.ie/collections/rancilio/products/copy-of-delonghi-combi-filter-and-espresso-coffee-maker-bco410.

If those coffee addicts had taken a leap of faith in the first place, they could have saved themselves the €300 spent on the cheaper machine. We say - just go for the real deal! What could have been done with that €300? That could buy the all important grinder which is left out of the equation so many times. We spend hundreds of euros on an excellent machine and then ruin it by buying ground coffee instead of grinding our own beans. A middle of the road grinder such as the Rancilio Rocky will produce an excellent grind, has phenomenal build quality and is a lifetime purchase:  http://www.homecoffeemachines.ie/collections/rancilio/products/rancilio-rocky-doserless-grinder 

Shouldn't we think of a home coffee machine as a purchase that will last for years into the future and factor in the machine's lifetime when we consider the cost - €700 over twenty years is only €35 per year..but we just don't think like that, do we?!


December 05, 2013


Confused about Coffee Machines

What's the story with bad coffee? There's nothing worse than finding a quiet spot in a good looking cafe, ordering your coffee, settling down with a good book or the paper for that little bit of "me-time" - and then finding your coffee tastes like... Well, let's just say it's not the coffee experience you were expecting! Most of us like routine and if you find that place that sells the good coffee, you find yourself returning there again and again. What makes a good cup of coffee? Is it the bean? The machine? The barista? Or the location? What if the location is your own kitchen, can you still enjoy that coffee experience? Many of us now work from home but we want to take our coffee breaks seriously. There may be some who figure that a coffee machine at home is a bit Celtic Tiger - you know, great to have in the kitchen to show off to the neighbours but a bit of a joke in the land of Mrs Doyle and "more tea, Father?" But for those of us who love our coffee and want to enjoy that experience at home, Home Coffee Machines can be the solution. Our online shop is now open but we're still in the process of negotiating with suppliers so that in future we can offer you a wider range of products, always at the best possible price. Once you've made the right choice of machine for your home, you can look forward to your coffee break knowing the coffee will always be just the way you like it (yes, even you Mrs Doyle).