Gaggia - Titanium

by: Gaggia

The Titanium has now been discontinued by Gaggia and has been replaced by the Gaggia Naviglio
The Gaggia Titanium isn't made of the stuff It's named after, but it does have some similarities when it comes to build quality and looks.

The Titanium is a mid capacity machine from Gaggia with decent build quality, It's also capable of automatic milk frothing which makes it a great home-office machine or just a great super automatic machine for your Kitchen! The Titanium housing is made from metal and stainless steel for easy cleaning and robustness as well as looking quite stylish and professional in your kitchen or office. The blue LCD navigation screen is easy to use and does also add to the professional look. On the side is the steam control knob, underneath of which is the steam wand. On top of the machine is the cup warmer and hopper with a capacity of 250 grams. Inside the bean hopper is a control dial that lets you select the grind of your beans, with 18 settings suitable for all coffee drinks. Also found inside the hopper is the dial that controls the dosage between 6-9 grams of coffee giving you even more control. At the back of the machine is the water reservoir that can hold up to 2.3 Litres of water, enough for 30 espresso's or 10 cups of regular coffee.The grinder fitted inside the machine uses ceramic burrs to ensure a long service life and to avoid over heating the coffee as it is ground.

Another great feature on the machine is it's swivel base, making it easier to refill the machine when you do need to, which won't be very often, because of the huge water tank! Inside the machine is the waste storage compartment which has a capacity of 13 servings. Both the waste storage and the drip tray are accessed from the front and are removable for easy cleaning.

From the front looking into the machine above the drip tray is the brewing group, This is where the ground coffee falls from the grinder or bypass chute into the brewing group to be turned into espresso. The Group is maintenance free other than it needing a quick rinse and dry every week or so. The bypass chute mentioned earlier is a handy feature that lets you use pre-ground coffee instead of the beans in the hopper, this is great if you or a guest would prefer a decaffeinated brew instead.
Through the easy to use LCD display you can select how strong your espresso is or how long the extraction process will take. Once you have done this you can save the drink setting for a truly personal experience. You have two options when it comes to steaming milk, The pannarello for those true home Barista's or the Automatic cappuccinatore for perfect cappuccino when your in a rush in the morning. The Titanium also features Rapid steam meaning that there is virtually no warm up time when changing from making an espresso to steaming some milk. The coffee spout on the machine is adjustable to fit most large coffee mugs. Yet another great feature that the Titanium boasts is It's pre-infusion process that moistens the coffee grounds before the full 15 bar pressure hits it meaning more even extraction of flavour and colour, this feature is usually the reserve of commercial machines that reside in coffee shops.
  • Boiler: Stainless steel
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Power: 1250 W
  • Pump Pressure: 15 bar
  • Voltage: 230 V
  • Product weight: 10 kg
  • Coffee bean capacity: 250 gr
  • Dump box capacity: 13 servings
  • Product dimensions: 29x37,5x42,5 cm
  • Water tank capacity: 2,3 l
  • Milk Variations: Pannarello: milk frothing
  • Colour: silver
  • Materials and finishing: metal and S/S
  • Energy saving: Automatic stand-by


    Type: Bean to Cup

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