Fracino - Roastilino

by: Fracino

Fracino, widely regarded as makers of exceptionally robust and beautiful espresso machines for home and commercial settings since 1962 also manufacture this fantastic coffee bean roaster.

The roaster uses fluid bed technology to roast at a temperature of 250-260c and incorporates state of the art electrical and safety components. The entire roasting process is visible from start to finish as the coffee beans go from bright green to hazel nut to a deep shade of brown depending on the roast temperature and other variable settings that can be adjusted with the bean shaped touch pad. The jug that contains the beans is manufactured using Borosilicate glass which has very low coefficients of thermal mass meaning it it is more resistant to thermal shock than more common types of glass.


  • Top quality mirror finished stainless steal housing
  • 250g Maximum roast quantity
  • Touch pad with 4 programmable roast times of up to 10 minutes at a temperature of 250-260c
  • Fluid bed technology
  • LED countdown timer
  • Side opening husk drawer
  • Borosilicate glass jug
  • Cool touch jug handle
  • Controls to ensure maximum temperature is not exceeded to allow constant roasting
  • Patented jug clamping system
  • Automatic micro switch safety cutoff
  • Optional spigot for air extraction

Everything about the Fracino Roastilino screams quality, from the polished panels to the heat resistant Borosilicate jug and the integrated temperature and safety features. The Roastilino would be a fantastic addition to any Café or commercial space associated with coffee, the aroma of fresh roasted beans filling the air and the visual transformation of the beans right in front of your customers eyes is sure to be a hit.

But don't think that this roaster is more suited to a commercial environment. this machine is a very low consumption roaster, which in our opinion makes it a perfect entry level roaster for those home espresso enthusiasts looking to give roasting a try. Surely a perfect addition to any of the  Fracino espresso machines and grinders already in so many homes across the world.


  • Dimensions: Height 605mm, Width 285mm, Depth 400mm
  • Element Rating/Power supply 13kw/13amp
  • Maximum roast of 250g

Type: Roasters

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