Rancilio Silvia - Group Head Gasket & Shower Screen

by: Rancilio

Group Head Gasket & Shower Screen for your Rancilio Silvia, they will need to be replaced from time to time depending on how much you use your machine and how clean you keep it. You will see both in the image. Groups gasket in the image is not the gasket supplied.

This is a handy brush to help prolong the life of your gasket, you use it to clean the group head gasket from time to time. http://www.homecoffeemachines.ie/products/group-head-cleaning-brush

You should also be back-flushing your machine from time to time. Have a look here http://www.homecoffeemachines.ie/products/pulycaff-cleaning-tablets

Please note that we do not supply you with a new screw as your existing one will be fine to re-use.

This video will show you how to replace the Gasket and Screen.


Type: Accessories

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