Confused about Coffee Machines

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What's the story with bad coffee? There's nothing worse than finding a quiet spot in a good looking cafe, ordering your coffee, settling down with a good book or the paper for that little bit of "me-time" - and then finding your coffee tastes like... Well, let's just say it's not the coffee experience you were expecting! Most of us like routine and if you find that place that sells the good coffee, you find yourself returning there again and again. What makes a good cup of coffee? Is it the bean? The machine? The barista? Or the location? What if the location is your own kitchen, can you still enjoy that coffee experience? Many of us now work from home but we want to take our coffee breaks seriously. There may be some who figure that a coffee machine at home is a bit Celtic Tiger - you know, great to have in the kitchen to show off to the neighbours but a bit of a joke in the land of Mrs Doyle and "more tea, Father?" But for those of us who love our coffee and want to enjoy that experience at home, Home Coffee Machines can be the solution. Our online shop is now open but we're still in the process of negotiating with suppliers so that in future we can offer you a wider range of products, always at the best possible price. Once you've made the right choice of machine for your home, you can look forward to your coffee break knowing the coffee will always be just the way you like it (yes, even you Mrs Doyle).




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