The Best Single Boiler Machine

The Best Single Boiler Machine

Struggling to find the perfect single boiler espresso machine? We have the perfect one waiting for you, have a quick read about it.

Are you looking for an amazing single boiler machine? Have you been spending hours and hours searching the internet for the one for you? Well look no further! The best single boiler machine is the Lelit Anna PID, and we are going to tell you why. This is a very popular machine among our customers, and for good reasons. This espresso machine is extraordinary for it's price making the purchase well worth it. 

The Rancilio Silvia would often be a popular choice as well as the Gaggia

Classic, but one thing these are lacking is a stable temperature. This can be achieved with a PID. The Lelit machine is fitted with a PID which is a feature that many people are attracted to, it essentially controls the temperature of the water in the machine which is crucial when it comes to brewing the perfect cup of coffee.


The PID is very precise and adjusts the heat of the water constantly to ensure it stays at the set temperature. Coffee needs two things: 1. the correct brew pressure and 2. the correct brew temperature. The PID will meet both of these requirements. This special little tool is the one thing standing between you and a barista standard espresso. There are no other machines in this price point that can the Lelit Anna PID.
Another amazing feature of this machine is a built in pressure gauge. This assists the user in getting the grind correct for their shot. Our Lelit Fred grinder (as shown in image) is the perfect match for this machine.

Although, Lelit Anna is a 57mm portafilter as opposed to 58mm but for the amazing price it is, it's definitely worth it! If you prefer to have 58mm then I would recommend that you upgrade to the Lelit Victoria machine.

I hope this blog has broadened your knowledge of the best single boiler machine 'Lelit Anna with PID'. We are happy to answer any questions or queries you have on our live chat on the website. Thanks very much for reading.



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