The Profitec Go is Back In Stock

The Profitec Go is Back In Stock

A massive success for Profitec and coffee drinkers.
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The new GO has been so popular, a massive success for Profitec! They sure do have their finger on the pulse. They got the Go 100% perfect. Most espresso machines usually have a flaw, for example the Rancilio Silvia single boiler machine lacks a PID and the drip tray is tiny which can be very frustrating. The Gaggia Classic has an aluminum boiler which gets pitted over time and blocks your solenoid valve.

Somebody told me the Go doesn't have a cool touch steam wand, see there you go its not perfect! but then I discovered it does have a insulated steam wand.

It has a PID which is essential for making the perfect espresso, it controls the temperature of the water to 1 degree and can be adjusted by the user if required. Many machines in this price range lack a PID.

The pressure gauge is present, it is massive and looks fantastic on all models, helping you to read your progress when making shots. Otherwise you would not know if you were building pressure or not in the portafilter.

The Go has a massive drip tray unlike many other single boiler machines, a great advantage, less messing around cleaning your machine.

It heats up super fast for a real espresso machine.

And super easy to use.

With Profitecs German engineering you will be enjoying this machine for decades

A few customers would like to see this machine produced in silver, hey! you can't have everything.

Buy yours today and put an end to buying a new machine every 2-4 years. This one will last if cared for!

Review by AGAMEMNON N. on 30 Dec 2022 review stating Profitec Go espresso mashine
Amazing prosume level espresso mashine solid built.Thanks Profitec for the GO !!! Superb customer service !!


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