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Which is the best VALUE twin boiler, twin PID home espresso machine?

Rancilio Silvia Pro
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Before the Rancilio Silvia Pro was launched I didn't know the answer to this question but now I'm positive its the SIlvia Pro, especially at the price Home Coffee Machines Ltd in Galway are selling it for. The Rocky grinder is perfectly partnered with the Pro as you do need to get a fine and consistent grind for that great shot. Rancilio have even included a beautiful tamper.....

lets not keep going on about all the great things the Silvia has as that is easy and it comes with the Rancilio blurb, lets look at the disadvantages of the Pro and be a little more honest. For a start the drip tray is not massive, there must be a way to hook up a pipe so you don't have to ever empty it, Come on Rancilio! that wouldn't be hard would it.

With the Silvia Pro you are not getting the authentic traditional looking machine, instead you are getting a modern, sleek and impressive looking piece of machinery crafted exceedingly well by Rancilio. The Rocky grinder sits perfectly next to it I'm sure you will agree.

The other disadvantage here is that you will need to get her/him/it serviced regularly if you are expecting it to last a lifetime, and it will unless you throw it off a cliff, If you buy from a retailer outside Ireland then you will need to be posting it abroad for warranty and service, this works out expensive and your machine is very likely going to get damaged during transit. If you do your research you will discover that some companies pose as Irish, leading you to think that they are based here when they are not. I don't know how they are allowed an Irish domain when they don't exist here and don't pay Vat here.(even when they have a pretend Irish address and phone number)...We will take good care of you and your Silvia here at Home Coffee Machines, we have the expertise and genuine parts here in Ireland

This is where you get the Rancilio from:


And don't forget we are actually in Ireland and will support you as you will need support for the next 20-30 years



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