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There is no such thing as a free Rancilio Rocky!

As we sit here in our office selling home coffee machines, we sometimes wonder if we are we giving our customers the correct advice? A new customer has just arrived at the decision to make their own perfect shot at home, tired of the hit and miss of cafes. (Has the barista had enough caffeine to be able to perform? Has the fresh grind been sitting in the doser all night?) These newbies have done their research over a few nights drinking a bad brew and have an idea of how much they want to spend - let's say around €300. They're not sure if this home coffee machine idea is really the way to go - what if they splash out on one of the more pricey machines and hardly ever use it? So they might go for the Gaggia Classic, an excellent machine for the investment involved:

But this customer will eventually be calling us again... They became a dedicated convert to the home coffee machine (we could have told them that would happen!) and after a few years that well loved and very well used Gaggia Classic or similar will finally need some attention. It may need a boiler replacement or the pressurized portafilter has started to fall apart. Now it makes sense to invest in a machine that will not only do a great shot and look good in the kitchen but will also last for many years into the future - so they order the fantastic Rancilio Silva:

If those coffee addicts had taken a leap of faith in the first place, they could have saved themselves the €300 spent on the cheaper machine. We say - just go for the real deal! What could have been done with that €300? That could buy the all important grinder which is left out of the equation so many times. We spend hundreds of euros on an excellent machine and then ruin it by buying ground coffee instead of grinding our own beans. A middle of the road grinder such as the Rancilio Rocky will produce an excellent grind, has phenomenal build quality and is a lifetime purchase: 

Shouldn't we think of a home coffee machine as a purchase that will last for years into the future and factor in the machine's lifetime when we consider the cost - €700 over twenty years is only €35 per year... but we just don't think like that, do we?!


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John Kelly

John Kelly

I like like to buy quaility products and only ever buy it once so I understand exactly what you are saying.

I like like to buy quaility products and only ever buy it once so I understand exactly what you are saying.

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