how to choose the perfect espresso machine

How To: Choose the Perfect Espresso Machine

Struggling to find the perfect espresso machine? We have put together a blog with a couple recommendations that might suit you, have a read and let us know if you need any assistance deciding on any of our top notch machines.
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If you are new to the coffee making community and want to expand your knowledge on everything coffee, you have come to the right place. This blog is on how to choose the perfect espresso machine for you.

We pride ourselves on sustainability, our motto is 'Everything We Sell, We Service'. This will allow you to get the lifetime long coffee machine that you are looking for. This is why it is crucial to make the right decision when making your first purchase... no pressure!


What are you looking for?

Are you looking for the easiest espresso machine to use? Perhaps the most sturdy and sustainable machine? Or (a crowd favourite) a money saver machine? This list is based on the team's opinions here at Home Coffee Machines, realistic and researched.

1. Sturdy and sustainable espresso machines

These types of machines are my personal favourites. Now, here at Home Coffee Machines, we only sell machines that we believe will last you a lifetime if you want them too. This does depend on whether you are maintaining your machine or not.

It is not news to me that these machines can be a bit pricey, but I think that buying one expensive machine that will last a lifetime is better value than having to buy another machine every time your cheaper one breaks. Not only are you taking care of your pockets, you are taking care of the environment as we should not be producing unnecessary waste.

If you only plan on drinking coffee once a week, then fair enough the cheaper machines may be more suitable for you as these machines can be expensive and it may not seem worth the price. But if you are a regular coffee drinker, one of our machines would be ideal for you as they produce an amazing brew and (with the right care) will never let you down.

These machines will require maintenance every now and then to ensure they are keeping up to standard, but we also provide a repair and maintenance service when you purchase from our website.


2. Easy to use espresso machines

Just because a machine is easy to use, does not by ANY means imply that the coffee will not be professional barista standard. With the right skills, any of the espresso machines that we sell will produce a mouth-watering brew. But as a beginner, it doesn't hurt to find the machine that makes this coffee brewing process that small bit simpler.

What can make a machine beginner friendly is the differences between a single boiler and dual boiler machine. The single boiler machines have one boiler and the duals have two. The boilers are essential in making a perfect espresso. They will heat the water inside of it to the correct heat for what you are making.

When making an espresso the water needs to be 92-94°C, and when you are steaming milk the water should be about 125°C. In a single boiler machine the boiler will have to reheat the water to the correct temperature for the process you are carrying out, this means making a cappuccino in a single boiler machine will take a bit longer and you may have to change settings on the machine in between brewing coffee and steaming milk. It will not be overly complicated but some people may prefer to erase this process.

The dual boiler machines can be a bit more pricey than the single boiler machines, but it is up to you to decide whether it is worth it or not. In a dual boiler machine, one boiler can be used for brewing coffee at 92-94°C and the other boiler used for steaming milk at 125°C.

This means that when you become more comfortable with your machine, while you are brewing your coffee, you can start working on steaming your milk. Because of this the dual boilers can be more efficient and also make your coffee brewing a bit simpler. 

For this reason, I would recommend the Profitec Pro 300 to anyone looking for an easy to use espresso machine.

The machine's brew pressure and temperature of this machine is perfect and constant. Now this machine can also be used as a single boiler machine depending on your needs, as a single boiler machine it heats up very quickly which is perfect for your morning drink when you are in a rush. It also has a very professional, clean look, sure to wow all your family and friends


Profitec Pro 300 Espresso Machine


3. Money saving espresso machines

It's no secret that we all love a money saver, but we only like these when the product is still of excellent quality. The absolute worse is making a purchase and then suffering from buyer's remorse. We can guarantee that when you are purchasing from our website, this will not be a problem.

Perhaps you are not an avid, everyday coffee drinker but you would like the coffees you drink to be of good quality. If this is the case you might not want to spend your whole holiday savings on it!

Although good quality espresso machines are always a significant investment, our Lelit Anna with PID is priced extremely well and is no doubt a money saver.

We sell this machine at an extremely reasonable rate and it is a fantastic home brewer, what more could you want? It is an excellent single boiler machine that is very popular with our customers. You can take a look at another one of our blogs The Best Single Boiler Machine which can give you some insight as to why our Lelit Anna with PID is the perfect money saver.


Lelit Anna with PID Espresso Machine


All of our espresso machines are excellent quality and we think you will be delighted with whatever machine you decide to purchase. These are just some of our recommendations but we advise that if you are really struggling with your decision to contact us. Try our online live chat or give us a call, we would love to help! 





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