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It pays to keep your machine clean as repairs can be costly. Buying the products is the first step, then all you will have to do is use them periodically :)






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Cafetto - Descaler
Sale price¥800 JPY
Cafetto - Grinder Cleaner
Sale price¥1,400 JPY
Sold out
Gaggia - Descaler 250ml x 7 - Home Coffee Machines Ltd
Gaggia - Descaler 250ml x 5
Sale price¥5,900 JPY
Puly Caff Plus - Cleaning Powder
Sale price¥2,000 JPY
Lelit - Steam wand cleaner
Sale price¥2,700 JPY
Lelit - Resin filters - 70lt
Sale price¥2,700 JPY
5 x In Tank Water filters
Sale price¥6,500 JPY
Lelit - Water softener 20L
Sale price¥19,800 JPY
Gaggia - Coffee Clean
Sale price¥1,700 JPY
Group Head Cleaning Brush
Sale price¥2,500 JPY
Profitec - Filter/Puck Screen
Sale price¥2,700 JPY
Lelit -Cleaning Kit
Sale price¥3,400 JPY
Profitec - Water tank filter
Sale price¥1,200 JPY
Sold out
ECM aroma-c water filter adaptor for limescale P6024
ECM - Aroma-C Water Filter Adaptor
Sale price¥3,900 JPY
ECM - In-Tank Filters
Sale price¥4,400 JPY
Cafetto - Barista Cloth Set
Sale price¥2,000 JPY
Cafetto -
Sale price¥2,300 JPY


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