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Take your espresso to the next level.
With a profiling machine you can adjust the flow and pressure constantly as you extract your shot with the paddle at the top of the brew group.




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Profitec flow rate regulator P1065
Profitec - Flow Control Regulator
Sale price¥22,900 JPY Regular price¥26,900 JPY
ECM - Flow Control Valve
Sale price¥32,000 JPY
Save ¥6,800
profitec pro400 front coloursProfitec pro 400 espresso
Profitec - Pro 400 - Heat Exchanger Espresso Machine
Sale price¥188,800 JPY Regular price¥195,600 JPY
Save ¥6,700
Profitec pro 500 buy online fast worldwide deliveryProfitec pro 500 cups add flow control
Profitec - Pro 500 - Heat Exchanger Espresso Machine - PID
Sale price¥222,600 JPY Regular price¥229,300 JPY
Save ¥67,500
profitec pro 600 espresso machine with rotary valvesprofitec pro 600 sondermodel or devils edition with tilt valves and frol control
Profitec - Pro 600 - Dual Boiler Espresso Machine - PID
Sale priceFrom ¥269,800 JPY Regular price¥337,300 JPY
Save ¥54,000
Profitec Pro 700 dual boiler plumb fast worldwide deliveryProfitec - Pro 700 - front - cups
Profitec - Pro 700 V2 - Dual Boiler Espresso Machine - PID - Rotary Pump
Sale price¥296,800 JPY Regular price¥350,800 JPY
Save ¥6,700
profitec-drive-pro-700-new-model-flow-controlProfitec drive new from profitec worldwide shipping
Profitec - Pro 700 "DRIVE"
Sale price¥384,500 JPY Regular price¥391,200 JPY
Save ¥47,300
Lelit - Bianca - espresso V3lelit bianca v3 black new
Lelit - Bianca - PL162T - V3 - Dual Boiler Espresso Machine
Sale priceFrom ¥290,000 JPY Regular price¥337,300 JPY
Sold out
ecm puristika front view blackecm puristika black with glass water tank
ECM - Puristika
Sale priceFrom ¥168,600 JPY Regular price¥181,100 JPY
Save ¥6,200
ecm classika PID espresso machine for perfect coffee at home
ECM - Classika PID
Sale price¥188,800 JPY Regular price¥195,000 JPY
Save ¥31,700
ecm mechanika vi slim espresso machineecm mechanika vi slim e61 group
ECM - Mechanika VI Slim
Sale price¥242,800 JPY Regular price¥274,500 JPY
Save ¥6,700
ECM - Mechanika VI Slim Heritage
Sale price¥283,300 JPY Regular price¥290,000 JPY
Save ¥50,600
ecm mechanika max espresso machineecm mechanika max side view wfast worldwide shipping
ECM - Mechanika MAX
Sale price¥283,300 JPY Regular price¥333,900 JPY
Save ¥44,800
ecm-technika-profi-pid-frontECM - Technika V Profi PID
ECM - Technika V Profi PID
Sale price¥296,800 JPY Regular price¥341,600 JPY
Sold out
ecm syncronika espresso machineecm synchronika olive wood handle set
ECM - Synchronika
Sale price¥391,200 JPY Regular price¥418,200 JPY
Sold out
Ecm synchronika anthracite black espresso machine worldwide shipping fastecm synchronika add flow control
ECM - Synchronika Black
Sale price¥404,700 JPY Regular price¥431,700 JPY


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