Single boiler

Single boiler

With single boiler machines you are using the same boiler for steam and espresso shots. This helps keep the machine compact if space is limited in your kitchen.








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Profitec GO - Single Boiler Espresso Machine - PID - Colors
Sale priceFrom ¥121,800 JPY

4 colors available

Save ¥25,700
Rancilio Silvia V6 2022 front inoxRancilio silvia v6 2023 version in black espresso machine
Rancilio Silvia V6 - 2023 Model- Single Boiler Espresso Machine
Sale priceFrom ¥81,600 JPY Regular price¥107,300 JPY

3 colors available

Save ¥7,200
Lelit victoria pl91tlelit victoria PL91T lcc
Lelit - Victoria - PL91T - Single boiler - PID - Preinfusion
Sale price¥113,000 JPY Regular price¥120,200 JPY
Save ¥6,200
Lelit - Anna PL41EMLelit - Anna PL41EM - Home Coffee Machines Ltd
Lelit - Anna PL41EM - Espresso Machine
Sale price¥56,500 JPY Regular price¥62,700 JPY
Save ¥6,300
PL41Temd lelit anna pid espresso machine
Lelit - Anna PL41tem - With PID
Sale price¥69,000 JPY Regular price¥75,300 JPY
Sold out
The ALL NEW Gaggia - Classic - Home Coffee Machines Ltd
The ALL NEW Gaggia - Classic Pro
Sale price¥50,200 JPY
Save ¥28,100
ecm puristika cream 81022 olive wood finish just for perfect espressoecm puristika front view black
ECM - Puristika
Sale priceFrom ¥140,600 JPY Regular price¥168,700 JPY
Save ¥22,900
ecm casa v pressure gaugeECM casa V single boiler espresso machine silver
ECM - Casa V
Sale price¥106,700 JPY Regular price¥129,600 JPY
Save ¥14,100
ecm classika PID espresso machine for perfect coffee at home
ECM - Classika PID
Sale price¥167,500 JPY Regular price¥181,600 JPY


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