Mahlkonig - Vario Home Grinder III

by: Mahlkonig

 The Mahlkonig Vario is a step up from the Rancilio Rocky grinder. The Vario has a timer which you can set to a time of your choice so all you need to do is place your portafilter in the portafilter holder, press your button and the grinder will grind for a preset time and then stop. There is also zero clumping from the Vario.

• freshly ground portion grinding – espresso, filter & french press

• electronically controlled (timer)
• variable programming
• coarse and fine tuning with over 200 grind settings

• easy time programming via LC-display
• 3 individual pre-settings for espresso, filter & french press
• „hands-free“ operation for port-a-filter

• 54 mm ceramic-burrs
• belt-drive motor for super quiet operation
• compact design
• LC-display
• easy cleaning
• 220 g container or port-a-filter holder


Type: Grinders