Profitec espresso machine pro 600

Dual Boiler

A dual boiler machine has one boiler used for brewing coffee and one for withdrawing steam and hot water. Both boilers are independent from each another and a PID, for example, can regulate the boiler temperature separately.
The boiler for brewing coffee is much smaller than the one used for steam and hot water. This means that the boiler contents is spent quicker and fresh water is used to prepare the espresso.
A dual boiler machine is more temperature stable than a machine with the heat exchanger system because of the two separate and individually temperature controlled boilers.



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profitec pro 600 espresso machine with rotary valvesprofitec pro 600 sondermodel or devils edition with tilt valves and frol control
Profitec - Pro 600 - Dual Boiler Espresso Machine - PID
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rancilio silvia pro x blackRancilio silvia pro x silver
Rancilio - Silvia Pro X - Dual Boiler Espresso Machine - Black, White, Inox, Pink
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Profitec Pro 700 dual boiler plumb fast worldwide deliveryProfitec - Pro 700 - front - cups
Profitec - Pro 700 V2 - Dual Boiler Espresso Machine - PID - Rotary Pump
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Lelit elizabeth frontLelit - Elizabeth - PL92T - V3 - Double Boiler Espresso Machine
Lelit - Elizabeth - PL92T - V3 - Double Boiler Espresso Machine
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Profitec pro 300 pid frontProfitec Pro 300 front
Profitec - Pro 300 - Dual Boiler Espresso Machine
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profitec-drive-pro-700-new-model-flow-controlProfitec drive new from profitec worldwide shipping
Profitec - Pro 700 "DRIVE"
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ecm syncronika espresso machineecm synchronika olive wood handle set
ECM - Synchronika
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Profitec pro 700 and t64 espresso griner deal
Profitec Combo deal - Pro700 V2 & T64 grinder
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Ecm synchronika anthracite black espresso machine worldwide shipping fastecm synchronika add flow control
ECM - Synchronika Black
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Profite-pro600-t64-grinderProfitec Combo deal - Pro 600 & T64 grinder
Profitec Combo deal - Pro 600 & T64 grinder
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Profitec pro 600 with walnut wood quick steam 10612profitec pro 600 espresso machine american walnnut wood version 10612 quick steam
Profitec - Pro 600 - Dual Boiler - Quick Steam - American Walnut
Sale price€2,127.48 EUR Regular price€2,394.52 EUR
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profitec pro 600 oak wood quick steam pr5713profitec pro 600 oak wood espresso machine 10611
Profitec - Pro 600 - Dual Boiler - Quick Steam - Oak Wood
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profitec pro 700 & Ceado e37S deal set
Profitec Pro 700 + Ceado E37S Grinder
Sale price€3,868.95 EUR Regular price€4,207.57 EUR


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