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Lelit - Bianca - espresso V3lelit bianca v3 black new
Lelit - Bianca - PL162T - V3 - Dual Boiler Espresso Machine
Sale priceFrom €1,747.15 EUR Regular price€2,031.71 EUR
Save €14.63
lelit bianca walnut wood set kit pla2205 pl162t
Lelit - Bianca Walnut Wood Kit
Sale price€226.83 EUR Regular price€241.46 EUR
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Lelit elizabeth frontLelit - Elizabeth - PL92T - V3 - Double Boiler Espresso Machine
Lelit - Elizabeth - PL92T - V3 - Double Boiler Espresso Machine
Sale price€1,056.10 EUR Regular price€1,195.12 EUR
Save €32.52
Lelit - Bianca Maple Wood Kit
Lelit - Bianca Maple Wood Kit
Sale price€202.44 EUR Regular price€234.96 EUR
Lelit - Knock box
Sale price€56.10 EUR
Lelit - Tampers
Sale priceFrom €35.77 EUR
Save €137.40
leit-mara-x-silver-new-modellelit mara x white
Lelit - Mara X - PL62X - Heat Exchanger Espresso Machine
Sale priceFrom €1,015.45 EUR Regular price€1,152.85 EUR

3 colors available

Lelit - Mara wooden upgrade kit
Sale price€96.75 EUR
Save €8.13
lelit milk jug PLA301L 50cl
Lelit - Milk Jug
Sale price€39.84 EUR Regular price€47.97 EUR
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Lelit Kate frontLelit kate espresso
Lelit - Kate PL82T - Espresso Machine & Grinder with LCC
Sale price€893.50 EUR Regular price€914.63 EUR
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lelit espresso cups
Lelit - Espresso cups
Sale price€39.02 EUR
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lelit in tank water filter 70ltLelit - Resin filters - 70lt
Lelit - Resin filters - 70lt
Sale price€16.25 EUR
Save €87.00
Lelit - Victoria - PL91T - Single boiler - PID - Preinfusionlelit victoria PL91T lcc
Lelit - Victoria - PL91T - Single boiler - PID - Preinfusion
Sale price€690.24 EUR Regular price€777.24 EUR
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Lelit Fred frontLelit - Fred - PL044MMT Espresso Grinder
Lelit - Fred - PL044MMT Espresso Grinder
Sale price€243.09 EUR Regular price€261.79 EUR
Lelit - Cappuccino cups
Sale price€43.90 EUR
Lelit - Tamping stand
Sale price€31.71 EUR
Save €109.76
lelit anita frontlelit anita side
Lelit - Anita PL042TEMD - Espresso Machine & Grinder With PID
Sale price€527.64 EUR Regular price€637.40 EUR
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bristas milk jug thermometer
Lelit - Milk Thermometer
Sale price€12.19 EUR
Lelit -Cleaning Kit
Sale price€20.33 EUR
Save €40.65
Lelit - Anna PL41EMLelit - Anna PL41EM - Home Coffee Machines Ltd
Lelit - Anna PL41EM - Espresso Machine
Sale price€365.04 EUR Regular price€405.69 EUR
Lelit - Knock box drawer
Sale price€94.31 EUR
Lelit - Water softener 20L
Sale price€121.14 EUR
Lelit - Anna PL41tem - With PID
Sale price€520.33 EUR
Lelit - Repairs | Servicing
Sale price€0.81 EUR
Lelit - Silent Pump 230v
Sale price€64.23 EUR
Lelit - Anti Vacuum Valve
Sale price€10.15 EUR
Save €503.25
Lelit Bianca Espresso Machine Bundle
Lelit Bianca Espresso Machine Bundle
Sale price€2,339.84 EUR Regular price€2,843.09 EUR
Lelit - LCC Display V3
Sale price€145.53 EUR


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