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Take your espresso to the next level.
With a profiling machine you can adjust the flow and pressure constantly as you extract your shot with the paddle at the top of the brew group.




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Profitec flow rate regulator P1065
Profitec - Flow Control Regulator
Sale priceQAR 562,00 Regular priceQAR 713,00
ECM - Flow Control Valve
Sale priceQAR 894,00
Save QAR 942,00
profitec pro400 front coloursProfitec pro 400 espresso
Profitec - Pro 400 - Heat Exchanger Espresso Machine
Sale priceQAR 5.276,00 Regular priceQAR 6.218,00
Save QAR 377,00
Profitec pro 500 buy online fast worldwide deliveryProfitec pro 500 cups add flow control
Profitec - Pro 500 - Heat Exchanger Espresso Machine - PID
Sale priceQAR 5.841,00 Regular priceQAR 6.218,00
Save QAR 2.262,00
profitec pro 600 espresso machine with rotary valvesprofitec pro 600 sondermodel or devils edition with tilt valves and frol control
Profitec - Pro 600 - Dual Boiler Espresso Machine - PID
Sale priceFrom QAR 7.161,00 Regular priceQAR 9.423,00
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Profitec Pro 700 dual boiler plumb fast worldwide deliveryProfitec - Pro 700 - front - cups
Profitec - Pro 700 V2 - Dual Boiler Espresso Machine - PID - Rotary Pump
Sale priceQAR 8.669,00 Regular priceQAR 9.801,00
Save QAR 565,00
profitec-drive-pro-700-new-model-flow-controlProfitec drive new from profitec worldwide shipping
Profitec - Pro 700 "DRIVE"
Sale priceQAR 10.555,00 Regular priceQAR 11.120,00
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ecm puristika front view blackecm puristika black with glass water tank
ECM - Puristika
Sale priceFrom QAR 4.710,00
Save QAR 943,00
ecm classika PID espresso machine for perfect coffee at home
ECM - Classika PID
Sale priceQAR 4.710,00 Regular priceQAR 5.653,00
Save QAR 943,00
ecm mechanika vi slim espresso machineecm mechanika vi slim e61 group
ECM - Mechanika VI Slim
Sale priceQAR 6.595,00 Regular priceQAR 7.538,00
Save QAR 1.320,00
ECM - Mechanika VI Slim Heritage
Sale priceQAR 6.784,00 Regular priceQAR 8.104,00
Sold out
ecm mechanika max espresso machineecm mechanika max side view wfast worldwide shipping
ECM - Mechanika MAX
Sale priceQAR 8.292,00 Regular priceQAR 9.329,00
Save QAR 754,00
ecm-technika-profi-pid-frontECM - Technika V Profi PID
ECM - Technika V Profi PID
Sale priceQAR 8.669,00 Regular priceQAR 9.423,00
Save QAR 1.146,00
ecm syncronika espresso machineecm synchronika olive wood handle set
ECM - Synchronika
Sale priceQAR 10.540,00 Regular priceQAR 11.686,00
Save QAR 754,00
Ecm synchronika anthracite black espresso machine worldwide shipping fastecm synchronika add flow control
ECM - Synchronika Black
Sale priceQAR 11.309,00 Regular priceQAR 12.063,00


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