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Lelit - Repairs | Servicing
Sale price€0.81 EUR
Lelit - Bianca & Mara Service Kit
Sale price€23.98 EUR
Lelit - Anita/Anna Service Kit
Sale price€19.11 EUR
Lelit - Resin filters - 70lt
Sale price€16.25 EUR
Lelit - Bianca Walnut Wood Kit
Sale price€241.46 EUR
Lelit -Cleaning Kit
Sale price€20.33 EUR
Lelit - Tamping stand
Sale price€31.71 EUR
Lelit - Silent Pump 230v
Sale price€64.23 EUR
Lelit - Anti Vacuum Valve
Sale price€10.15 EUR
Lelit - Bianca Maple Wood Kit
Sale price€202.44 EUR
Lelit - Heating Element - Mara X
Sale price€60.16 EUR
Lelit - Steam Knob Victoria
Sale price€11.79 EUR
Lelit - Tap Stem
Sale price€18.29 EUR
Lelit - Complete Cam 1000237
Sale price€80.33 EUR
Lelit - Mara X Main Control Board
Sale price€79.27 EUR
Lelit - Relay 9600028
Sale price€38.62 EUR
Sold out
Lelit - Over Pressure Valve - MC931
Sale price€18.13 EUR
Lelit - Bianca V3 LCC Display 9600147
Sale price€103.25 EUR
Lelit - Water softener 20L
Sale price€121.14 EUR
Lelit - Mara wooden upgrade kit
Sale price€96.75 EUR
Cafetto - Descaler
Sale price€4.87 EUR
Cafetto - Organic Descaler 250ml
Sale price€5.28 EUR
Cafetto - Barista Cloth Set
Sale price€12.11 EUR
Group Head Cleaning Brush
Sale price€15.03 EUR
Lelit - Heating Element Gasket
Sale price€2.85 EUR
Lelit - Boiler Element Gasket
Sale price€3.25 EUR
Lelit - Boiler Gasket
Sale price€6.10 EUR


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