Heat exchanger

Heat exchanger

An espresso machine with the heat exchanger system is a machine with two water circulation systems. Since the boiler is not completely filled with water, steam may by drawn after the machine is fully heated. A heat exchanger is built into this boiler. When making coffee, fresh water from the tank is used which is pumped into the heat exchanger, heated there to the optimal brewing temperature and then directed to the brew group and portafilter. Thus, fresh water is always used to brew espresso. Brewing temperate is not as stable as with a dual boiler system with PID.
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profitec pro400 front coloursProfitec pro 400 espresso
Profitec - Pro 400 - Heat Exchanger Espresso Machine
السعر المخفَّضFrom €1,161.71 EUR السعر العادي€1,295.85 EUR
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Profitec pro 500 buy online fast worldwide deliveryProfitec pro 500 cups add flow control
Profitec - Pro 500 - Heat Exchanger Espresso Machine - PID
السعر المخفَّضFrom €1,430.00 EUR السعر العادي€1,519.43 EUR
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leit-mara-x-silver-new-modellelit mara x white
Lelit - Mara X - PL62X - Heat Exchanger Espresso Machine
السعر المخفَّضFrom €1,161.71 EUR السعر العادي€1,268.13 EUR
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ecm-technika-profi-pid-frontECM - Technika V Profi PID
ECM - Technika V Profi PID
السعر المخفَّض€1,877.15 EUR السعر العادي€2,263.50 EUR
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ecm mechanika vi slim espresso machineecm mechanika vi slim e61 group
ECM - Mechanika VI Slim
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ecm mechanika max espresso machineecm mechanika max side view wfast worldwide shipping
ECM - Mechanika MAX
السعر المخفَّض€1,743.01 EUR السعر العادي€2,212.52 EUR


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