March 24, 2015

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The Old Gaggia Classic II

We have had plenty of customers specifically looking for the RI8161/40 model as the new Gaggia Classic has no solenoid valve. The new Gaggia Classic model number is RI9403/11, All the reviews on Amazon only give it one or two stars. All that looks the same is the outside of the machine, everything inside has been changed to non desirable cheap parts.

Take a look for yourself



It looks like the true classic has gone. This is what happens when a big company takes over manufacturing of a classic product. Philips used to make quality products!

Home Coffee Machines Ltd have a few left but I suspect they won't last long! price is pretty good too.

Good Bye Gaggia Classic, a lot of coffee lovers have loved you. We will all miss you.


1 Comment

Lesley Goulding
Lesley Goulding

January 23, 2017

Do you have any pre2015 Gaggia Classic R18161 left for sale?


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