Timer Grinders

Timer Grinders

For espresso you want to be able to dispense the same amount of coffee directly into your portafilter every time, a timer grinder allows you to do this. You can usually set the grinder up for single and double shots by adjusting the timer, personally to keep things simple I just stick to the double basket in my portafilter and always use the button for a double shot on the grinder. My wife likes this too as she doesn't want to have to start weighing out coffee, that just frustrates her!

The disadvantage is that a timer grinder costs more than a manual grinder usually.

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profitec t64 side1profitec t64 top
Profitec - Pro T64
Sale price€799.00 EUR Regular price€880.00 EUR
Save €23.00
Lelit Fred frontLelit - Fred - PL044MMT Espresso Grinder
Lelit - Fred - PL044MMT Espresso Grinder
Sale price€299.00 EUR Regular price€322.00 EUR
Save €349.00
Profitec Combo deal - Pro700 & T64 grinder
Profitec Combo deal - Pro700 & T64 grinder
Sale price€2,799.00 EUR Regular price€3,148.00 EUR
Save €55.00
lelit william grinderlelit william grinder side
Lelit - William - PL72-P Advanced Espresso Grinder
Sale price€495.00 EUR Regular price€550.00 EUR
Save €649.00
profitec pro 700 & Ceado e37S deal
Profitec Pro 700 + Ceado E37S Grinder
Sale price€3,699.00 EUR Regular price€4,348.00 EUR
Save €79.00
Caedo e37s black grinder frontCeado e37s black grinder
Ceado - E37s - Black
Sale price€1,649.00 EUR Regular price€1,728.00 EUR
Save €701.00
Profite-pro600-t64-grinderProfitec Combo deal - Pro600 & T64 grinder
Profitec Combo deal - Pro600 & T64 grinder
Sale price€2,299.00 EUR Regular price€3,000.00 EUR

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