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We Can Repair Your Old Gaggia Classic
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Oh no my Gaggia Classic has stopped working, I had no problems till now, what do I do? throw it in the bin and buy a new one, now that's not very eco friendly is it when you could get it repaired, the most common problem is that due to lack of descaling and backflushing. Yes! these are two things you should know about and be doing them regularly. If the water has stopped coming through your machine then 95% of times the three way solenoid valve is blocked, chances are you could do with doing a few other little jobs like changing the group seal and screen. You can do all these things yourself if you are handy and enjoy a challenge. You can buy the parts from us here at Home Coffee Machines Ltd, we are in Kinvara, Co Galway, we send out most parts by  DPD to Ireland overnight or on a two day service to the UK. Here is a link to the Solenoid valve and a video on how to change it.

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