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Home Coffee Machines Ltd welcomes Lelit to Ireland

Built For Performance!

Home Coffee Machines Ltd welcomes Lelit to Ireland for the first time. Lelit are an up and coming Italian espresso machine manufacturer. We have been watching them closely for years, they have proved themselves recently with the launch of Bianca and Mara. Innovation, Quality and value for money are their main strengths and we look forward to working with them for many years.

'Everything we sell we service' is our motto. Lelit are also in a position to support us with parts for all of their machines too as a Lelit is not just for Christmas, it is for Life!

The Lelit BIANCA receives 5 /5 in many reviews. The E61 group is equipped with a paddle-controlled valve that lets you adjust the water flow and thus brew pressure as you pull your shots. pressure gauge on the group lets you track the pressure on the coffee in the portafilter that is being extracted.


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