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What is the difference between the Lelit PL162T Bianca V2 & V3

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The new V3 has just arrived and everyone is asking what is the difference, so we got onto the wonderful people at Lelit and they have provided us with the following document detailing the exact upgrades.



 Bianca PL162T



This document is meant to illustrate the main features of LELIT
Bianca PL162T V3, compared to the former model V2.


Coffee boiler temperature

95° C

Steam boiler temperature

125° C

Steam boiler


Default temperature scale


Programmable pre-infusion times


Programmable low flow times


The brew temperature off-set

0° C

Sleepy mode




General features

  • Hot water and steam taps with LELIT logo embossed and visible from above. They are longer than the former ones, therefore the wands will not touch the body of the machine, preventing any possible scratch. This element was already present in LELIT Bianca V2.

  • IMS filters made of AISI 304 stainless steel: 1 dose (9-11 g), 2 doses (16-18 g), 2 doses PLUS (18-21 g), blind. This element was already present in LELIT Bianca V2.

  • Water tank with LELIT logo embossed. This element was already present in LELIT Bianca V2.

New software

We have updated the software operating the machine. This has allowed us to introduce the new Low flow function, the stand-by mode and the warm-up optimization.



LCC – LELIT Control Center

LCC is the brain of the LELIT machines. In Bianca PL162T V3, new functions have been included. Now, the LCC lets you manage a bigger number of settings in your machine:




The temperature of the coffee dispensed.


The temperature of the steam dispensed.


Steam boiler enabling/disabling.


Selection of the temperature unit measure.


Programmable pre-infusion times.


Programmable low flow times.


Sleepy mode enabling/disabling.


Partial and total doses counter.


Chronometer of the coffee dispensing.

Stand-by mode

After 30 minutes of inactivity, the machine will go automatically in stand-by mode.

The ON/OFF light blinks.


Low flow START

Low flow start, which refers to the time slot from 0 till what the user sets.

Low flow FINAL

Low flow final, which refers to the time slot from what the user sets till the end of coffee brewing.

Brew temp off set

This value either increasesor decre- ases the coffee boiler temperature during coffee brewing, changing the temperature of the water coming out of the grouphead.



We would like to underline the most significant improvement of the machine: the LOW FLOW. In Bianca V3 we automatised the paddle movements which has two main advantages for LELIT users:

  • The machine can be easily operated also by less expert users, as they do not have to pay particular attention to the coffee brewing.

  • For the more expert users, this upgrade means that the pressure and flow profile can be precisely repeated multiple times. This does not mean that the paddle becomes useless, but it can be used in addition to the setting of Low flow.

LELIT Bianca V3 can perform four scenarios:


Full flow or standard brewing Low flow


Full flow with preinfusion Low flow with preinfusion

Temperature profile


In Bianca V3 we have 4 different mode of use:

  1. Always ON: when the user deactivates stand-by and sleep mode. This means that the machine is always ON.

  2. Sleep mode: after a set time (from 30 to 540 min), the software brings the coffee boiler down to 70°C, while steam boiler goes down to 0°C.

  3. E-Mode: steam boiler is always OFF

  4. Stand-by: this is the novelty of Bianca V3. After 30 min, steam and coffee boiler and LCC are turned OFF. This is the factory setting according to the European norms.



The newly designed NTC system is able to minimize the time for the machine to be ready.



This value is a sort of fourth value of the PID. It was introduced to correct the foreseen thermal error during brewing. When brewing a cup of coffee, the machine dispense water hence cold water is introduced in the hydraulic circuit and the boiler. Cold water messes up with the thermic of the machine. This is when the brew temperature offset is needed. In fact, during brewing, the software changes the set point by increasing or decreasing the temperature of the chosen offset range values ± 25°C. In this way the user has an additional value he can use to personalise his brewing profile.


Note. Please note that leaving the machine always ON might wear out the components faster.



  1. Water tank cover

  2. Steam knob

  3. Manometer for coffee pressure

  4. ON/OFF switch

  5. LCC (LELIT Control Center)

  6. Multidirectional, anti-burn steam wand

  7. Cup-holding grate

  8. Wide cup warmer

  9. Paddle to adjust the coffee water flow

  10. Hot water knob

  11. Hot water wand

  12. Coffee distribution group

  13. Coffee dispensing lever

  14. Double manometer for pump/steam pressure

  15. Removable water drainage tray

Filters and filterholder cleaning

It’s necessary to clean the filterholder to eliminate the coffee oils that affect the taste of your drinks negatively.

Place a jug under the hot water wand (11), turn the knob anti-clockwise and take out about 1 l of water.

Insert the filterholder and the used filters into the jug but pay attention not to immerse the filterholder handle.

Add 2 bags of detergent powder.

After 15 minutes, empty the jug and rinse the filterholder and the filters with plenty of tap water.


How to Backflush your Bianca

Insert the blind filter into the filterholder and pour 1 bag of detergent powder into the filter. Insert the filterholder in the group head (12) and lift the group lever (13) for 10 seconds.

Stop the function by lowering the lever (13) completely and wait for 10 seconds. Repeat the procedure 10 times.

Remove the filterholder from the group head (12) and rinse it with hot water from the brewing group.

Re-insert the filterholder in the group (12) and repeat the previous operation 5 times for 10 seconds each time, without detergent powder.

Remove the filterholder and take out the blind filter.

Empty the drip tray (15) and rinse the filterholder, the filter and the drip tray with plenty of tap water.

How to clean your Steam wand

  • Fill a jug with 500 ml of cold water, add the content of 1 bottle of detergent liquid and immerse the steam wand (6) in this solution.

  • Open the knob (2) by turning it anti-clockwise and dispense steam for 5 seconds.

  • Stop the function and wait for 5 seconds.

  • Repeat the operation 10 times.

  • Repeat the entire procedure using 1 l of fresh water to rinse the steam wand properly.






If you find Bianca cheaper anywhere else do let us know and we will price match!


If youLELIT.


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