Gaggia - Classic II 2019

by: Gaggia

Re-introducing the famous Gaggia Classic manual espresso machine, A true classic!

The new, old favorite of thousands of coffee lovers from all over the world has arrived at Home Coffee Machines Ltd and is ready for dispatch!

So, whats new? Firstly, the machine now features a stainless steel boiler with a larger capacity in place of the old aluminium boiler with a capacity of about two thirds less. The larger boiler capacity, coupled with the new 1050 Watt element in place of the old 1300 watt element does mean this newest offering of the Gaggia Classic will in fact take longer to heat up than older iterations, but the use of stainless steel in place of aluminium should save on maintenance in the years to come. As well as featuring a superior boiler, the Gaggia Classic has also become more energy efficient in order to comply with new European legislation. This is achieved in part by the new boiler, coupled with a new auto standby feature which is triggered after 9 minute of inactivity.

Another change made to the Classic, is the absence of a 3 way solenoid valve and Over Pressure Valve, or OPV for short. In past versions of the Classic, the solenoid valve had a tendency to become blocked due to hard water and infrequent descaling, so the decision was made to replace the OPV and Solenoid valve with a mechanical valve to increase reliability.


  •     Professional group and filter holder
  •     New control panel
  •     "Pannarello" steamer for frothy milk
  •     Cup holder/Warmer
  •     Hot water / steam nozzle
  •     1050 Watt stainless steal boiler
  •     15 bar pump pressure
  •     2.1 litre water tank capacity

There are a number of other minor aesthetic changes that have also been made to the Classic, such as the control buttons on the front face of the machine or the logo and Portafilter spouts. But overall the Iconic design remains un-compromised. The changes that have been made seem to have been cost saving measures, but cost saving measures in The right places.

The Gaggia Classic has changed in many ways internally from Its first iterations many years ago, but in our eyes It remains an excellent entry level espresso machine for those who are serious about making a real Espresso, Albeit on a Budget.

The Gaggia Classic, still a true Classic!


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