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Have a Gaggia that's not working properly or at all? Contact us at info@homecoffeemachines.ie and tell us about your machine.

We carry most spare parts for certain popular models in the Gaggia range young and old.

Your machine will be in the right hands as all repairs are carried out with care and attention to detail using only high quality original parts chosen by Gaggia.

The Gaggia Classic is the most popular Gaggia repair, that is not a bad but good thing as most of these machines are over 10 years old and going strong. When I ask the customer what the problem is, they usually say that the water pressure has reduced or stopped coming out of the group, this happens over time if you don't back flush and descale regularly.

Back flushing regularly keeps the group and solenoid valve free from coffee residues, in many cases the solenoid valve gets completely blocked as the hole the water has to get through goes down to the size of a pin. I can open up the solenoid in most cases, clean them out as part of the refurbishment process.

Sometimes the pump has stopped working or is weak and needs to be replaced, I always check the pump pressure as this is crucial for the shot brewing process for that beautiful crema.

A leaky steam valve is also another common fault with the classic, if the steam valve is leaking then the machine can't hold the correct pressure for brewing so nothing works right, plus you have water constantly leaking out, then the boiler runs dry and you have another issue.

After many years of use the aluminum boiler can become pitted, pieces of aluminum drop off the inside of the boiler and you start consuming that in some cases. I keep new boilers in stock so I can also replace them if needed.

Another common fault is that your brew thermostat has failed, the way to check this is to turn on the machine, let it heat us for about 20 minutes until it fully up to temperature, then press the brew switch so water comes out of the brew group, if steam comes out instead of water this is because your stat has failed and the boiler is overheating and burning every shot you make.

If you like good coffee the Gaggia Classic can make it as long is its all in good order, I refurbish a number of Classics every week, I love working on them and know them inside out. some people try to fix them themselves which I admire but it is best left to the professional, sorry, I don't mean to blow my own trumpet but the experience I have on the machine is extensive, plus I have all the parts.

Its no problem if you are in Dublin, Donegal, Cork or anywhre in Ireland as I can get DPD to collect your machine from your house.

Older products tend to be built better, lets keep them going and we can all do our little bit for the environment.

Pop us an email with the machine type, age and problem, we get back to everyone and offer a professional service  info@homecoffeemachines.ie

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Review by Joseph C. on 22 Feb 2021 review stating Excellent Customer Service
Amazing Customer service, I bought a coffee machine outside Ireland and it encountered a problem with the boiler. I’m based in Dublin and after ringing approximately 20 different places looking for someone to have a look at it, I got speaking to Ciaran. He arranged a courier to ship to him to examine, found the faulty part, he made the repair and sent the machine back as good as new. Ciaran was an absolute gentleman to deal with, he was efficient and kept me in the loop about where he was at with the repairs. I couldn’t recommend dealing with him highly enough

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