Puly Grind Cristalli

by: Home Coffee Machines Ltd

Coffee grinder cleaner also for Super-automatics coffee machines with built-in grinder.

  • Now in 100% pure crystals
  • No need to change the burrs setting
  • Restores burrs without removing
  • Innovating patented technology
  • With natural food grade active substances
  • Improves the creme, aroma and coffee taste
  • Removes oily deposits and mold
  • Absorbs oil and destroys rancid deposits
  • Does not release dust
  • Genuine non harmful - non dangerous
For the best espresso at home, use Puly Caff Tablets or Powder in conjunction with Descaler on a regular basis. Only using filtered water in your espresso machine will also help prevent scale buildup and produce superior tasting espresso.
    Puly Grind Cristalli, 10-bag box

    Without gluten or allergens


      Type: Accessories