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Gaggia - Repairs | Servicing
Sale price¥200 JPY
Sold out
The ALL NEW Gaggia - Classic - Home Coffee Machines Ltd
The ALL NEW Gaggia - Classic Pro
Sale price¥49,000 JPY
Gaggia - Descaler 250ml x 5
Sale price¥12,200 JPY
Gaggia - Manual Boiler
Sale price¥7,300 JPY
Gaggia - Coffee Clean
Sale price¥2,500 JPY
Gaggia Classic - water tank
Sale price¥6,100 JPY
Gaggia Evolution - Steam Knob
Sale price¥3,000 JPY
Gaggia Classic boiler gasket
Sale price¥1,300 JPY
Gaggia Classic Portafilter
Sale price¥6,100 JPY
Gaggia Classic - Steam Valve
Sale price¥7,300 JPY
Sold out
Gaggia Classic - Solenoid Valve - Home Coffee Machines Ltd
Gaggia Classic - Solenoid Valve
Sale price¥7,300 JPY
Gaggia - Shower holder
Sale price¥5,000 JPY
Gaggia - Filter holder handle
Sale price¥2,500 JPY
Gaggia - 2 Way Black Pin
Sale price¥1,000 JPY
Gaggia - Shower Screen
Sale price¥1,200 JPY
Gaggia - Thermostat 145 degrees
Sale price¥1,900 JPY
Gaggia - Safety Thermo Fuse
Sale price¥1,200 JPY
Gaggia - Thermostat 107 degrees
Sale price¥1,600 JPY
Gaggia - Pannarello Steam Wand
Sale price¥2,700 JPY
Gaggia Counter Piston Gasket
Sale price¥900 JPY
Gaggia - MDF grinder lever
Sale price¥4,100 JPY


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